Saturday, October 8, 2011

Club treasure is Pure Gold

ArtHaus snapshot review. JD73 Pure Gold is not your average club music album. Invoking the musical creativity of genre-bending 80’s JD73 aka Dan Goldman along with guests have created a soulful club music album rich in beats and melodies. Pure Gold lives up to its name with guest to include Nate James, Ella May, Fuzzy James and John McCallum. Pure gold is just that musical pure musical genius.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monday, November 22, 2010

The American Music (what is there to) Award.

I opted out of watching the American Music Awards to night. It seems that with so little original music out these days I am wondering what is being awarded. Creativity is now the responsibility of producer and not the artists. Creativity the art of song should be the creation of the artist and the producer should fine tune said vision. I am tired of how each song(I am speaking of today's R&B and so called soul music)sounds like the previous radio rotated hit. Why are so many "popular" R&B artists so not willing to think outside the box and give the people something new? Those who take the time to listen to the radio cannot deny that so much of what is played sounds the same, with that being said I ask "Where is the creativity?!?!". Award shows are too much like radio, year after year the same artists perform only to sing the same thing year after year. I opted out I would rather watch a football game at least I can stay captivated by not knowing whats gonna happen next. Which is more than I can say about these award shows that all award the same people for the same song.